Monday, February 7, 2011

It begins (OR: first post titles always suck)

Ha haaaa...Rocky and Bullwinkle naming convention.

Greetings, programs. Rik here (for the first time) with some vague news.

For those of you arriving from the old Planet Iceberg account, hungry for details, welcome to the CORE games blog. We apologize for the long addition to the title...we really are just supposed to be branded as CORE games, but that was taken on every site we signed up for to make the network good. So Media Network got tacked on, since it's appropriate anyway.

Transitioning between the Iceberg account and all this new stuff is a little rocky right now, since we're also balancing that with a big move into a 3 bedroom apartment. Not to mention school and a menagerie of other problems (I just got my Jeep out of the shop). But we're trying to bring you content as fast as we can.

We have a Let's Play titled Awesome13 in the works right now, which is caught up in editing. And I'm also doing concept work for daily comics starting this Wednesday (in honor of the move). From then on I'll basically be doing a sketch every night based on the most interesting thing(s) that happened that day. It avoids writing anything original, gives me character art practice, AND acts as a Twitter alternative that's also 80x cooler than the site!

Right now, all I can offer is a sort of pilot issue that I finished up today. Don't expect them to be fancy and digital. I'm just going to be scanning these things as they are. I sorta prefer it that way, and it'll keep the work load down, which is a definite plus for the time being.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it, and we hope you're as excited for new content and fun stuff as we are! Heres to the first step to becoming internet famous!